closed circuit fish farming systems

Some advantages of RAS system

Reduce production costs

Reducing production costs (food, medicine, energy, labor)

Increase productivity

Increase productivity through increased production per unit area

Maximum growth in minimum time

Reduction of food conversion factor and maximum growth in minimum time

Disease Control

Disease control by preventing the growth of bacteria and viruses

removal of bacterial flora

Removal of bacterial flora from incoming and returning water

control of environmental hazards

Controlling environmental hazards such as temperature changes

Organic product

The possibility of producing organic products

Correcting and disinfecting

Refining and disinfecting the return water of farms

Water quality improvement

Quality improvement, transparency and chemical and mineral balance

What is RAS?
 Recirculating Aquaculture System

General definition of RAS closed circuit system

The reuse of water used in fish breeding tanks in a way that meets the needs of aquatic animals both in terms of quality and quantity and provides the possibility of producing aquatic animals in low water conditions and areas.
The functioning of the closed system is based on the reuse of water that is unusable and oxygen-poor and its toxic substances and wastes have increased. This poor quality water is transferred from the ponds to the purification department and after mechanical purification, biological purification, chemical purification, disinfection and oxygen enrichment, it is regenerated and returned to the fish ponds.

  • The main task of the RAS system

    Disinfection and disinfection of water, removal of suspended and dissolved particles, increase of dissolved oxygen in water

  • Why RAS system

    Reviving water - creating suitable living conditions in pools - increasing density - reducing water consumption up to 70/1

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Functions of different units in RAS system

function of different units in RAS system

Functions of RAS units

The RAS system, which stands for Recirculating Aquaculture System, consists of different units, including physical treatment unit, biological treatment unit, AOP chemical treatment unit, and thermal and cryogenic unit. These units work as follows

Physical Purification Unit

Physical treatment unit

This unit physically cleans the return and incoming water to the treatment plant.

Biological treatment unit

Biological treatment unit

One of the ways to treat wastewater is to use biological processes, especially the use of aerobic bacteria.

AOP chemical treatment unit

AOP chemical treatment unit

In this unit, it is possible that any amount of pollution that was not purified in the previous units due to the short time is provided

Thermal, refrigeration unit

Thermal unit, refrigeration

In this unit, it is designed and determined in order to provide the right temperature according to different conditions of heating and cooling load.

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Production and sale of ozone generator devices

Rashkiyan Company

Online monitoring and control system of aquaculture farms

online monitoring and control system

Aquaculture farms

The aqua-rkc brand monitors and controls aquaculture farms online with an intelligent monitoring and control system for aquaculture farms.

  • High sensitivity

    High precision and accuracy of data

  • Speed of receiving information

    Eliminate and prevent human errors

  • Increasing the efficiency of experts

    Simultaneous monitoring of multiple farms at the same time

  • Low management fee

    has a free panel for one month

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ras system
ras system
ras system
Advanced oxidation process

What does AOP do?

AOP or advanced oxidation process includes new methods for disinfection, one of which is the use of ozone gas and UV light together. The AOP system causes the addition of hydrogen capture radical, electron transfer, and the combination of free radicals.

  • Destroyer of all excellent and toxic compounds
  • Fast reaction speed
  • Not needing a lot of space
  • High disinfection and disinfection power
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